• Market-Led Extension

  • Battu Preethi,

    OPEN ACCESS | Published on : 31-Mar-2023 | Pages : 0397-0399

    Market-led extension is an approach, via which extension system will reach to the clientele on an end to end basis, starting from package deal of practices for manufacturing to promoting of produce to the consumers’ door in order that the farmers can get remunerative expenses for his or her produces. There is shift from production-led extension where focus is only on production of crops to Market led extension in which farmers are sensitized on numerous elements on quality, consumer’s preferences, marketplace intelligence, processing, value addition and marketing information in order to assist farming groups to attain remunerative prices. This article shows light on opportunities and challenges in agricultural marketing and role of extension agent in promoting market led extension.


  • Fish Cum Makhana Farming- A Success Story of Progressive Farmer

  • Pankaj Kumar Ray,

    OPEN ACCESS | Published on : 31-May-2022 | Pages : 0400-0401

    In the Saharsa district, an Integrated Farming System Model was built by combining fish and water chestnut with fox nut on 125 acres of land. The net advantage of the system was Rs.65,650 when compared to the conventional system, which consisted solely of fox nut production. In cropping system mode, the field-based Makhana agriculture system was standardized with other crops such as fish, rice and water chestnut. The gross returns from Fox nut-fish, Fox nut-rice and Fox nut-water chestnut cultivation were Rs.2,80,250, 2,70,175, and 3,50,280 per ha, respectively, while Fox nut cultivation alone yielded a gross return of Rs.1,30,450.

  • Wealth from Waste - A Success Story in Organic Manure Production Unit “Bio + Madikai”

  • Jayashree M P, Manojkumar T S, Jayasekhar S,

    OPEN ACCESS | Published on : 31-May-2022 | Pages : 0402-0404

    Kasaragod district being officially declared organic, there is a huge demand for organic fertilizers in the district. Farmers experience a huge shortage of good quality organic manure in the district. Krishnan Prakodal an NRI started an enterprise for production of organic manure from agricultural and allied waste. ICAR KVK, Kasaragod demonstrated the coirpith composting technology and recommended fortification using wood ash, cow dung and urine to enhance the quality. The agripreneur further refined the technology by incorporating poultry and fish waste. After further refinement, the raw materials being used now in the preparation of the manure are poultry waste, fish waste, goat manure and other organic wastes. The enterprise named Bio + Madikai was started during 2016-17. Bio plus Madikai organic manure product is now available all over the state. The unit has produced 1400 MT of organic manure in five years which effectively replaces the use of chemical fertilizers in an area of 1400 hectares benefiting 12000 farmers. In addition to Bio + Madikkai organic manure unit, Krishnan also runs Sopanam Agricultural Farm, Plant Nursery for Seedling and Ornamental garden production, Custom hiring centre  and Value addition of farm products.